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Blikvaart golf

Blikvaart golf is a fun and sporty group activity for all, regardless of age or sporting ability. In teams you will stroll through the meadows around the farm with a special golf club (a golf club with a coloured wooden shoe on one end) and ball.

Whilst playing golf you will run into challenging obstacles. Among the sheep/ponies you will try to get the ball in the hole in as little hits as possible. The team that finishes the trail with the smallest number of hits, wins! Blikvaartgolf is a fun addition to any meeting. Make a no-strings-attached appointment to discuss the possibilities.

  • Number of people +10 persons
  • Duration About 1 hour
  • Season All year
  • Price €5,00 * In combination with eg. Lunch, buffet or € 4.00 p.p.