Cruising by motorboat

A unique opportunity to enjoy the waters by yourself, together or with your family. We have two boats with outboard motor at our disposal. From the harbour, you will make a cruise on the ‘Blikvaart’, known from the Elfstedentocht (Eleven Cities Tour). The Northern Elfstedenvaartroute is an attractive route, full of interesting sights. Along the route, there are various catering facilities, where you can easily moor the boat.

We have added a few beautiful routes to the map for you, varying in length from one hour to an entire day. This way you could for instance sail to Barthelehiem, Leeuwarden or Franeker, but it is also possible to cruise around the Oudebildtdijk.

    • Number of people 1- 4 á 5 persons
    • Duration 1 – 8 hours
    • Season Summer
    • Price first hour 12.00 every hour after that10.00 per hour including petrol and roadmap.

* Pay attention: minimum one adult.